Disney Infinity

Infinity was an open world platformer game that was inspired by the organic way that children play with their toys. I led design development for the marketing site and community web portal. 

Disney Qbotics

Disney Qbotics was a unity based game that allowed players to build constructions in an open sandbox world using blocks, engines, axles, and lights that apply physics, lighting, and gravity. 

Disney Movies
Virtual Reality

Disney Movies VR is a multi-platform VR application I led art direction and User Interface design on that transports users to a fully immersive Disney experience in which themed worlds can be visited and movie scenes can be re-lived firsthand. 

Live Nation

During my tenure at Live Nation, I worked on everything from episodic video content and digital product concepts, to designing and improving features for Live Nation web and mobile products. 

The Official
Charles Hollis
Jones Website

Charles Hollis Jones is an award winning American furniture designer best known for his pioneering developments and techniques in lucite and acrylic furniture. I helped him catalog the last 40 years of his career in a thoughtful and slick website.


BoomFlick was a mobile app concept I led product design for during my time at Live Nation Labs. Originally the brain child of the one and only Bad Girl Riri.