Disney Movies VR

Disney Movies VR is a multi-platform VR application I led art direction and User Interface design on that transports users to a fully immersive Disney experience in which themed worlds can be visited and movie scenes can be re-lived firsthand.


In an effort to constantly evolve and bring rich experiences to audiences The Walt Disney Studios pursued a centralized VR content hub for all of its internal virtual reality content. The Inspiration behind creating virtual reality within Disney is the natural next step for bringing magical experience to those who want it. In addition to being an amazing opportunity to open the door to amazing experiences and possibilities, DMVR also acted as a functional consolidation of all of Disney VR content. 


Working as the lead UI designer on this project I drove the conversations around visual language for the interface. This included everything from moodboarding, color palette exploration, thoughtful typographic decision making, and user interface design + interaction. We designed a fully immersive VR app, that showcased different Disney themed worlds and allowed for access to various virtual reality experiences.


  • Launched in May 2016 on Oculus and Steam
  • Since launching publically, more than 30k downloads
  • Our project encouraged content creators within Disney to consider VR as a new medium for their storytelling
  • I learned so much during this experience I published an article on it: Read it here.