Disney Qbotics

Disney Qbotics was a free to play unity based game that allowed players to build constructions in an open sandbox world using blocks, engines, axles, and lights that applied physics, lighting, and gravity.


Disney Interactive oversees various websites and interactive media owned by The Walt Disney Company. With their upcoming unity based game release, naturally they needed a web presence that would appeal to a younger audience as well as provide a platform for players to interact with the game and other players as well.


We worked very closely with the team at Disney Interactive to define the structure and visual language of the web interface. The site features a forum, profile dashboard, community pages, and a YouTube integrated video page. We went through several creative rounds and deployed a working platform but ultimately, Disney Interactive discontinued further game development.


  • Successfully integrated with Disney ID
  • Featured an open sandbox world where players could imagine, build, and pilot their creations.
  • Forums localized in 7 languages.
  • Site used GeoIP location to provide relevant community information.